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We are also establishing a similar database for swinger clubs, swinger parties, services and products as well as the hottest orgy parties etc. These are all rated, those not maintaining certain standards will of course not make the listing. Overall conduct will determine the inclusion or exclusion of a member in the APGIC database.

It is our aim to have other Adult Sites and Chat Rooms display our icon This is a verified APGIC Membernext to the member either belonging to or visiting that site or chat room if that person is a member of the APGIC. The APGIC will provide you with a useful verification tool for you to build relationships online.

We are having another evening for newcomers, so if you are curious join us for a pleasant private social evening without any pressure. Come and hear for yourself what experienced couples have to say about the lifestyle. You will be free to ask all those questions you might need to ask but have never had the opportunity ~ Now`s your chance to do so in a relaxed atmosphere. Snacks and wine will be served but please bring your own alternative drinks if needed. Venue : Table View, Cape Town. Address and map will be emailed to you on confirmation of your attendance.

Come and meet the inner circle members in a fantasy of white and gold to be held the last weekend of This month May. We bring you the most popular pure nudes on the web in image or video format. We have established a relationship with AEBN as we believe they have the best selection of Adult Movies. The owner of the profile may add images themselves however the Adult Party Guardian can not vouch for there authenticity.

We have launched our new service allocating a unique web address to all our registered users. If you have one of the curable STD's once you have recovered from it, your membership will then be reinstated. You would have to report the incident giving all details as to time & place as well as details of the transgression. If there are witnessing APGIC members they to would have to give a report. Based on your report / reports we would take the following steps if we feel the incident warrants action.

For an incident where you are the only complainant, we would file the complaint on record for six months. If there are further complaints about the same swinger, swingers or swinging couple from others within the six months, the offenders will be given a warning.

Go ahead and explore our website and if you can't find here what you are looking for do not forget you have the option to contact us anytime. But before that take a look at our FAQ page.

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